Cheryl Moody is currently in the process of relocating to northern Idaho. During the transition period she can be reached at

Cheryl Moody, founder and CEO of Three Parameters Plus, Inc. (3PPI), would like to thank the Alaska development community for their past 24 years of support. In late 2014, 3PPI began scaling back Alaska operations and closed both offices. Ms. Moody will continue to work with a select group of clients; utilizing former employees as subcontractors where needed. She is also offering 3PPI's Proprietary Smart Client Database (SCA) and 3PPI's web-based learning management system (LMS) to interested parties by means of a fee-based system. Digitized data assets along the former Yukon Pacific Corporation (YPC) right-of-way from Deadhorse to Valdez are also available via a data sales portal.

Three Parameters Plus, Inc., is a quality-product oriented natural resource consulting firm currently celebrating 24 years of service. Based in Alaska from 1992 to 2014, 3PPI quickly became one of Alaska's premier environmental consulting firms offering professional regulatory support services. Our well established reputation is built on the application of sound science, due diligence, and production of high quality, legally defensible work products that our clients depend on. Our project portfolio includes small-scale land developments to highly complex regional scale studies encompassing hundreds of thousands of acres and tens of thousands data points. Over the past two decades, 3PPI has successfully led some of the largest private sector jurisdictional wetlands, waters, and vegetation mapping projects in Alaska. The firm offers expertise in the following areas:


YPC Data

Three Parameters Plus acquired the majority of Yukon Pacific Corporation's corporate assets, including all engineering and environmental data, and patents. The majority of the data has been georeferenced and will soon be available for purchase through Data Doors. For more information, visit our YPC page.

Learning Management System

The Learning Management System is a Digital Training and Testing system. There are 47 seperate modules available encompassing a wide variety of topics. Visit our LMS page for more information, or go directly to the Learning Management System.

Proprietary Database Platform (SCA)

The SCA is a database that fully supports the guidelines and criteria of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1987 Delineation Manual and the 2007 Alaska Regional Supplement. In 2015 we began offering project specific licenses to existing clients with substantial data in the database and for those entities that do not wish to manage their own data on servers, we now offer fee-based access to the database via a secure Cloud hosted platform. Visit our SCA page for more information.